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Project Management


I can provide project management of the build process. I can visit regularly to ensure the landscapers are working to the brief and construction drawings, and using the correct product specifications to the right quantity.

The landscapers may have questions about the build, and it is comforting for you to know these are being dealt with without causing you any anxiety.

I ensue that any significant changes or decisions that affect the cost of the project are agreed with you, the client.


Following any site visit and at appropriate intervals, I send you. a written report to you with details of progress made, work completed and any decisions, changes and anything requiring your input.   


To ensure the design is implemented to a high standard it is important that the work is signed off by somebody with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of the design. I visit the site at the completion of each intermediate stage to review the quality of the work and sign it off, before the next stage can start.  


Upon completion of the build phase I meet with you, the client and the Landscape Contractor to discuss the completed scheme and agree the final sign off. 

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