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Bliss Garden Design offers a full garden design consultancy.


Initial Consulation


We consult with clients to establish what they want to use the garden for. We draw on the features of the existing home and introduce features and planting which the client is happy with ,and for which they are able to provide after care.



Client Brief


There is an initial meeting to discuss the Project


The relationship with the client and designer is important. There is a need to develop trust between us. We are entering into your private space and you need to be happy that you have chosen the right designer.


We acknowledge that we are proposing to design what could be considered an additional room or rooms of your home, that you have to live with.


We will discuss what will suit the current house and include looking at the use you wish to make of the garden.


If you want a quiet contemplative peaceful garden, the design will differ significantly from a garden which will be used for children to play safely play in.


You may have a colour scheme in mind or you may not like yellow flowers or want no flowers at all.


If you want to entertain in your garden we will need to plan adequate spaces in which to do so.


Concept Designs

Following the initial meeting if you wish to progress with the project we will provide concept plans.

We will provide a set of concept drawings including the outline design ideas, which we can discuss in detail.

We provide a mood board and visuals which show designs which can then be worked up into details plans.


This is a chargeable item and the cost will depend on the scope and scale of the project.



After discussions with you we will work on these ideas to provide detailed designs, plans, construction drawings and planting plans for the project and an outline budget.


For specialist items such as water features and lighting in the garden we recommend specialist companies to provide quotations and advice.


Once these have been agreed we will decide with you a timeline for the project. Obviously this may be affected by the supply of materials and weather conditions, but we hope to bring the project in on time and on budget. We will keep you informed throughout of any delays or issues.



We reserve the right to take photographs and video of the project for use on our website. We will keep your address and identity confidential at all times.


Site Analysis

At the start of the process we carry out a site survey of your garden. We measure the property boundary, and the existing levels in the garden. These are plotted on plans to inform the design and construction.


We access the local climate and soil type and placement of utilities pipes and cables. The existence of frost pockets and windy sites will affect the design and planting.


We access the orientation and the movement of the sun around the space to establish where the sun is shining when you want to use the garden for relaxation and entertainment.


Construction Detail

For any hard landscaping requirements,  we provide designs and detailed construction drawings, which a landscape builder can follow.


Planting Plans


We provide detailed planting plans to bring the garden to life.  These detail plants the different plants which will make your garden to your taste and which you can easily manage.

We suit the plans to your taste and colour scheme.


We include after care notes which can be followed by you or a garden professional for the care of the plants throughout the year.


We are passionate about plants and can suit the planting to the brief, the climate and soil conditions of the site.


The last thing we all want is to provide species of plants which will die within a year or two of planting


We are passionate about conservation and like to supply planting ideas to encourage wildlife into the garden for those clients who share a vision of seeing insects and birds right on their doorstep.




We can arrange the trusted contractors to provide a quality build for you, and in accordance with your material requirements, and which suits your budget.


We will give you estimated costs for the build and, weather permitted bring the project to a conclusion to your satisfaction in a timely manner. We supervise the work for you and ensure the site is kept as tidy as possible with the minimum inconvenience to you.


We will keep the site as clean as possible and leave the site free of any debris.


Project Management


In order to deliver the exact requirements of the client we offer the service of project management, to bring the project in on time and on budget.


This will involve site visits to monitor the contractors on site to ensure quality of build. 


Budget and Costs


To design the outside space of your home will cost as much as you are willing to pay, bearing in mind that this may be as much as the cost of a new kitchen or more.


The cost of landscaping materials, planting and labour are significant.

For a new house this will add considerable value.


We will provide a budget and arrange stage payments with you during the build.

Our Services

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