Bliss Garden Design Voucher system. TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Please make contact by email to bliss@blissgarden.design.


       Vouchers are for the value of £100. 


     1.   For larger projects as a gift, send an email with your                 address and telephone number 


     2.Please send your name and address, and any delivery          address if required. 


     3. Payment should be made to the following account:

        Bliss Garden Design

        Sort Code: 60-14-55

        Account number: 68369107


     4. We design the border at a distance. Please provide                 measurements and photographs of the area of the                   garden to be designed.


     5. A questionnaire will be sent after Christmas to                          determine your requirements of planting in the border.


     6. The design remains the property of Bliss Garden                       design.

     7.  Bliss Garden Design has professional indemnity                       insurance.